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Wave Macro 1

A ramp, a clamp, an inverted one, a bin… it will be everything for you… on top of a puzzle
polyesterpolyurethane ◄ ± 45 cm ►


Wave Macro 2

This big wave is deserved; it is wide and thick. It requires work to find the right grip according to the length of your hands.
polyesterpolyurethane ◄ ± 46 cm ►


Wave Macro 3

A grip with a versatile design that will make you want to find solutions, arrival tray, clamp, collar, inverted.
polyesterpolyurethane ◄ ± 36 cm ►


Wave Macro 5

A flat but highly interesting grip, the whole tour is edible, a pair of pliers, small streaks used as small rulers, small bumps.
polyesterpolyurethane ◄ ± 42 cm ►