tokyo 2020

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympic Games will host our sport, climbing, for the first time in history.
20 women and 20 men will compete for the Olympic combined medals which includes all three climbing disciplines: speed, boulder and lead.
Digital Climbing in its search for ambassadors had indeed a fine intuition: Julia Chanourdie, Bassa Mawem and Micka Mawem are among the 40 contenders for the Olympic title.
Within Digital, we like to act as a small family and that is why we want to share with you whom these athletes are, and what they represent.
We want you to get to know them as we do and enjoy the privilege of supporting them this coming August 2020.
Save the dates: August 4 to 7, 2020.

In the Digital family, Julia is the little sister of the three:

Julia-chamourdieIn everyday life, she is discreet and orderly, she likes things done well.
Socially, she likes people a lot. She is clearly a kind person.
She is very attached to her family.
In work and training; she is 100% committed and never gives up, she pushes back pain and fatigue. The harder it is, the stronger she is, a machine!
She sees climbing holds as tools and toys. The holds must bring the constraints related to the requirement of competition route setting, but also be fun given the time she spends using them.
Julia is so known for her tremendous smile, her beautiful smile that turned to tears of joy when she recently qualified for the Olympic Games.

In the Digital family, Bassa is the big brother:

bassa-mawemIf humanity is the aphorism of our three athletes, for Bassa, it is his profound nature.
He is the guy that you want to be around and listen to. His close entourage uses very strong words to describe him: Fearless, Reassuring, a Father figure …The Silent Force.
He is extremely attached to his family.
During training, he is always hyper motivated and very rigorous in every detail.
Climbing holds for Bassa are working tools and they must be perfect.
His greatest pride in qualifying for the Olympics is going with Micka.
Imagine, not only you go down in history by being the first qualified French J.O. climbing athlete, but you get to go with your little brother, and this is what the BIG dream was …

In the Digital family, Micka is the gifted little brother:

micka-mawemMicka is a whole personality, very charismatic. Full of resources for his loved ones.
He has a lot of positive vibes and he shares them tirelessly with those around him, he exhales dynamism.
Full of the joys of life, can easily get into crazy situations. It will not have escaped anyone’s notice; Micka is a king of communication.
So what about training?
A relentless climber, Micka embraces difficulty. He likes to take on crazy challenges.
Higher, faster, stronger. His training cycles are intense, yet he manages to make them playful and generously shares a lot with other climbers.
To the question of what does he love above all else: his answer is, his family. The same as Julia and Bassa!
Climbing holds are real toys for Micka.
He is very interested in the current technical developments and has a very critical eye. Micka was the first Frenchman to qualify for the Olympic Games and his first pleasure was announcing that to his family and loved ones.
His second greatest pleasure, with huge emotion and a trembling in his voice, is the qualification of Bassa his big brother.

We hope through sharing these three short introductions, we help to portray the foundations of their merit. In a few words: Simplicity, humility, respect for others and a deep humanity. Digital is well aware of the privilege of participating in this incredible event, through a humane story made of values ​​such as hard work, the desire to do well, learn and evidently self sacrifice. There is no doubt that we will be well represented in Tokyo, and the rest of the Digital family will be at the forefront of the supporters.