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Amie Lerondel

Born February 24, 2010

I have been climbing for 7 years, we are all climbers in the family.


2021 French champion in the combined chick (U12).

Best outdoor performance:

I did the Mouche 7b + at Fontainebleau at La Cuisinière.

Amie, what can we say about you academically?

I am currently in 5th year without any particular problem, my grades are pretty good.
I really like math and sports.

Have you already thought about your professional future?

I haven’t asked myself that question yet. It’s too early for me I think.
Why do you like competitive climbing?
I like climbing a lot, as I said before; I was born into a family of climbers, it is in our ADN and I
like to win

Do you have a goal through the competition?

I would like to be a world champion one day.
In climbing there are several disciplines, you know all three since that is why you are
champion of France, which one do you prefer?
I like bouldering and lead more than speed.
I particularly like the bouldering for its great atmosphere.

Amie Lerondel