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Louise Puech-Yazid

Born April 7, 2008

Climbing since I was seven (I’ve spent over half of my life climbing

Performance :

2019 French Combined Champion
France 2020 combined champion.
Works Carrosses et Citrouilles, 8a in Briançonnais.
Just before the All Saints holidays, I have just released an indoor diff

Louise what can we say about you academically?

Academically I don’t have a problem and luckily I often do my homework on
transport when I come back from internship or competition.

Have you already thought about your professional future?

I’m full of ideas, but nothing has stood still. Physiotherapist, Orthodontist …
I’ve always thought of a climbing profession, but my parents show me other
directions as well. I wanted to be an opener, and since I love to draw I
would like to create climbing clothes for women that are adapted and more
customizable to very thin body types! But also draw takes.

Why do you like competitive climbing?

I have a lot of energy and this discipline allows me to work out and I like
performance, if it isn’t that interests me.
I also love rock climbing because it is an individual sport where I can
express myself without relying on others.
Since my parents are not climbers at all, I love to share and climb with
others. I was very happy to meet Theo Blass and Alizée, her little sister
and her parents, to climb heavy in Briançonnais. It is through these
encounters that I can observe other approaches to outdoor climbing beyond
indoor competitions and discover the pleasure of practicing together in

Do you have a goal through the competition?

I would like to go to the Olympics in Los Angeles.

In climbing there are several disciplines, you know all three since that is
why you are champion of France, which one do you prefer?

I like bouldering a lot, it’s more convivial, we’re still a small group around a project and it’s more motivating, yet I’m stronger in dif.

Louise Puech Yazid