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Meije Lerondel

Born January 18, 2007

I have been climbing for 9 years.


World Vice Champion 2021 for both Boulder and Lead

Best outdoor performances:

The pump lizard – 8b at La Roche de rame (difficulty)
Peace officer Gesquier – 8a in Ailefroide (block)

Meije what can we say about you from an academic point of view?

I am currently in second, three years to the French Bac. For the moment all is good.
Math and science are my favorite subjects.

Have you already thought about your professional future?

I like human biology very much and therefore I would like to be a researcher in this field.

Why do you like competitive climbing?

I love the atmosphere of climbing, I also tried gymnastics too but I prefer climbing.
Climbing competitions allows for both personal objectives and measure yourself against
Winning for me is the result of a very good job and I like a good job done.

Do you have a goal through the competition?

I dream of being world champion one day and of course to go to the Olympic Games in Paris
and Los Angeles for podiums.

In climbing there are several disciplines, you know all three, which one do you prefer?

I generally prefer long efforts so I prefer lead, but I also like bouldering for its fun and the

Meije Lerondel