Adjustable climbing board

The Brand climbing board is a versatile and adjustable climbing board that is perfect for climbers of all levels. The board features app-controlled light up of routes and changeable angles from 70 to -5 slab, making it easy to customize your climbing experience.

Additionally, the patented panels with Illuminating holds and volumes allow you to create and share custom climbing routes. The free app also makes it easy to track your progress and share your climbing boards and routes with friends. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned climber, the Brand climbing board is the perfect way to get the most out of your climbing experience.

brand board for climbers

Adjustable frame with standard climbing panels

  • Adjustable angles from 70 to -5 slab
  • Electric adgustable drivers: push button in App or on board to change the angle
  • Freestanding or fixing to the wall metal frame with best stability
  • CNC cutted and bended metal with powder painting of any RAL colour and logo
  • CNC cutted panels from 27 mm thickness birch plywood of best quality with different surfaces of plywood, covered with glossy paint or rough surface of resin and glass, any RAL colour, wooden texture, logo or picture on plywood panels
  • Any size board for request
  • Installation by a team of 2 workers usually last 5-8 hours, all materials, hardware and tools are included

Technical characteristics

  • Climbing board 4,6 m height, 3,75 m width
  • 0.9 m of kickboard for the maximum clearance when using the board at 70 degrees overhanging
  • 1.2 m depth when vertical or slab; 4.5 m depth when 70 degrees overhanging
  • Longest pieces are 2,5 m long and 1,25 m width
  • Weight of board 1200 kg
  • Maximum weight of part: 60 kg

Free Mobile App

  • one click to illuminate route and change angle of board
  • choose any existing wall, route, holds&volumes set or training program to climb
  • create and share your own boards and routes from holds&volumes App Library
  • open App Library to use or add new holds&volumes of any manufacture, size, type, layout, grid for creating and sharing your own boards and routes
  • get access to global growing Database of climbing routes and training programs, sorted by boards\routesetters\holds manufacture\complexity\angles of wall\competitions\etc
  • save own database of routes
  • make promotion of holds and volumes, events, routesetting