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Over 20 years of experience in both outdoor climbing and in the development of artificial walls characterizes Digital’s creation. Our holds are designed to enable beginners to world champions. Our Shapers evolve envisaging shapes and concepts to climb. They are creators of experiences, competitors and pedagogue.

This compilation of knowledge is a strong asset for our brand, making it possible to create both appealing and technical holds that are perfectly matched to the desires and requirements of climbers and route setters.

“The French Form of Movement”


Holds and macro holds with an innovative design.

The fruit of experience and a collaboration with the Mawem Brothers, have led to the creation of the “BROTHER” range, which is available in several series including Brother Jug, Brother Egg, Brother Flower and Brother Power.

brother's holds


A range of climbing holds for bouldering competitions

From XS to Macro holds, discover a line designed by Eric Chanourdie. This year the range is extended with holds made in Dual Texture


Climbing holds for difficulty

Various grips to create routes of all levels of difficulty.


“Climbing is a practice for a quiet mind”

digital climbing holds

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