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Estéban Tournus

Born: 1/12/2010 in Fontainebleau.

A thorough bred Bleausard as we say in France!! When he was only 6 days old, his dad brought him to the Mecca to touch his first boulder.
How long have you been climbing? Since the age of 4. (I did my first 7a Bloc when I was 6 years old barefoot.)


My current Max level is 8a+ with Golden Feet. (I am currently working on an 8b)
Realization: My first 7C boulder was at 9 years old and my first 8A boulder with Duel at 10 years old.
My best day of climbing was when I did four 7C followed by an 8a + Golden feet.

Then anoother great achievement for me was when I did two more 8a with Duel and Sale gosse.
I love to climb barefoot like Charles. I made barefoot Alta 7C and Sale Gosse 7C when I was 10 years old.

What can we say about you from an academic point of view?

I suppose, OK, with an overall average of 17…

Have you ever thought about your professional future?

Climbing instructor and coach and a wildlife reporter / photographer. I am also thinking of designer.

Can you tell us about the competition?

Some non-official experience with the Rock Tour and the Blokuhaka in Brittany. (I finished in fourth place)
I would like to compete to get an opinion on my current level. Why not join the French team!?

Do you have a goal through climbing?

My goal was to achieve an 8B before but 11 years the weather decided against that for me…

My real ambition above all is simply to have fun by climbing a very high level and routesetting blocks everywhere on the planet.
I also want to share my passion.

In climbing there are several disciplines, which one do you prefer?

Easy, Boulder!!!!

Where do you like to climb the most?

In the forest of Fontainebleau and in Corsica and of course in Brittany!!
My hobbies are trail running, downhill mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, we made two ramps in our garden….

Esteban Tournus