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Titouan Tournus

Born on 4/02/2007

How long have you been climbing. I feel like I always climbed but I really think I caught the virus about 5 years ago.


Several 8a made in the forest including Berezina carnage combo.
Achievement: My best day of climbing was when I did four hard boulders in 7C/7C+ and an 8a bent in the afternoon. I made my first 8A at 12 years old with the scale without the cut grip…

What can we say about you from an academic point of view?

I think that I am a good student.

Have you ever thought about your professional future?

I would like to work in the field of micro technical engineering and why not also in sport?!
I spend a lot of time tinkering and customizing remote-controlled cars.

Can you tell us about the competition?

I have already completed several Rock Tours and a superb competition organized in Brittany, the Blokuhaka, which I almost won! I would like to join the French team.

Do you have a goal through climbing?

Routesetting extreme boulder routes all over the world! Participate in the preservation of the environment.

In climbing there are several disciplines, which one do you prefer?


Where do you like to climb the most?

In Bleau and also in Brittany, Corsica and Sardinia.
I also really like to climb barefoot! We are lucky to be friends with the master of the discipline Charles Albert.
I touched my first sandstone at only 4 days old in Bas Cuvier more particularly L’aérodynamite 7B+7C (opened by Jo) which I achieved that route 14 years later.
My hobbies are snorkeling, downhill mountain biking, fishing, snowboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, skateboarding.

Titouan Tournus